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ABCTI GROUP Inc.has become the leading supplier of obsolete electronic components by providing a marketplace that connects OEMs, CMs, and franchise distributors to allocated, discontinued, hard to find, long lead time and obsolete components. Our web site was designed to make finding obsolete electronic components easy, and submitting a quote even easier. Just fill out our form once and the next time you need pricing all you have to do is provide a part number, a quantity, your target and how soon you need it. Simple is that.

When you partner with Us, you will receive good quality products, fast quotations, immediate delivery, and exceptional prices.

We supplying All Your Electronic Component Needs!

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3528BM CAN BB 635
3550S CAN BB 755
3521K CAN BB 635
3521H CAN BB 821
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Our knowledgeable and friendly staff brings together years of collective experience and professional support with connections all across the globe.
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